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Pamukkale - The back side

After we enjoyed the city life in Odessa and Istanbul, we are now looking forward to some culture. So we first drove south and crossed Turkey straight to the east. We want to go to Cappadocia and have a look at the fairy chimneys. There is a lot to see on the way there.

For example, we were in Troy and saw the Trojan horse. Among other things of course. The excavation site has been lovingly prepared, with beautiful paths made of wooden planks and the excavated walls are color-coded according to the era. Flashing squirrels and bright red poppy blossoms make the impression perfect.

Only a short time later we visit Assos. There again a beautifully made site with old columns and a great view of the sea. We have a hotel in the village down by the sea. Assos is a small fishing village with only a few houses (OK, hotels), but all restaurant tables are located directly at the small harbour basin. Remarkable is the large number of cats, which are probably used to be fed by visitors. No matter if breakfast or fish dinner in the evening – at least five cats sit around us with big eyes and watch us.

Blick von Assos nach Griechenland

With Pergamon the triad is perfect, after that we are satisfied with old stones for a while.


But we cannot get enough of the “wild animals” in Pergamon 😉

The last place in this “culture series” is Pamukkale. We went there with few expectations, the reason was rather that it was just on the way. The many Asian groups during the ascent had almost confirmed our prejudices. More by chance we walked through the ruins at the top of the limestone cliffs and came out on the other side. There it almost took our breath away: hardly any visitors and most beautiful small terraces in the sunset. A place to stay and dream. It is always worthwhile to look out for seemingly inconspicuous areas even at the “mass” attractions.

Pamukkale – Westseite
Entspannt im Sonnenuntergang

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