Daniela’s first motorcycle after obtaining her driving license in 2007 was a Honda CBF 600.

Reasonable decision. Same motorcycle as in the driving school. Very practical, if you don’t have other bikers in your circle of friends and have to manage alone – and also have the “stupid” idea to go to Tuscany alone 4 months after getting your driving license …

The thing with the bikeless pleasures has changed quickly (Thanks, Münchenbiker) and so the 600 quickly became too weak, so that already in 2009 the CBF1000 was in front of the house.

Chic, fast, red (even the cover of the clutch housing).  With this machine, driving was so much fun again until the center of gravity shifted to bad tracks and gravel: to maneuver 254 kg backwards on gravel is not so easy, so it was soon clear: a small travel enduro was needed. And so I got my BMW F800 GS.

She has already been through a lot with me: besides countless tours around Munich, the Alps, Dolomites, … also longer ones: Provence, Morocco, Pyrenees.

But we will go on a big tour with a smaller light machine.

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