It is done – finally we have found a workshop. Actually it is more of a Werkstall – Werkstadl, as it is called here in Bavaria. Four weeks ago there were cattle in it, today the floor is just concreted and we start to adjust our tools.

The refrigerator with (mostly alcohol-free) beer and the sofa should not be missing – but we are still looking for a sofa.

We are really glad that it worked out with the workshop. We want to get to know our world touring motorcycles as well as possible, so that we can do maintenance and small repairs ourselves, and that’s not easy to do on the street in front of the house or in the underground garage.

The first racks are already standing – lifting platform is still missing, currently we are still looking for the right one. We would like the one from Powerplus Tools GmbH, but we are still undecided.

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