About us

We – that is Wolfgang and Daniela.
For more than 9 years we are a couple, both IT people, motorcycle and travel enthusiasts.
Wolfgang comes from Bavaria, ITer and technology enthusiast with heart and soul, so he takes care of the motorcycles, their equipment and the technology behind “www.rtw-trip.com”. Daniela is Nordlicht, project manager and takes care of planning, camping kitchen and writes most of the articles for “www.rtw-trip.com”.

We both got our motorcycle driving license in 2007 – funny enough, we didn’t know each other then. But it turned out quite quickly that we went on trips together: Iceland, Laos, Morocco, … everything with motorcycles – and we dreamed together of undertaking a longer journey, thus more than the usual 3 weeks summer vacation.

After we came back from a great vacation from Laos in December 2015, we asked ourselves if this was all there was in life: work for 11 months, enjoy a great vacation and then work for 11 months again. And we created facts: At the beginning of 2016 we submitted a sabbatical to our employers and started the savings phase of 3 years, informed the parents (who reacted surprisingly cool) and developed some rough route ideas.

In the meantime we are on the road and have not regretted the decision.

World, here we come!