Camping gear

We bought most of the camping equipment for our 2011 trip to Iceland – and are still satisfied.


Our tent is a Hilleberg Kaitum 3 GT We have chosen it because it has two apses: in one of them all our motorcycle gear can disappear: for 2 persons enduro boots, jacket, trousers, helmet, even panniers and bags still fit in with proper layering. The 2nd apsis is in front of the entrance of the inner tent, there is room to get in, and everything you need regularly is stored there: especially our kitchen stuff and food.


We can certainly sit out a few days of bad weather in this tent without getting too much on our nerves. This is worth the weight of about 4.1 kg to us.

Sleeping bags

Daniela sleeps on her belly, often with her legs tightened – a normal mummy sleeping bag quickly causes claustrophobia, so she has chosen a so-called “down egg” from Carinthia. The name already describes the shape: at the height of belly/hip/back the sleeping bag is quite wide, so that all sleeping positions are comfortably possible. I could not find this model in the internet anymore, but there are still so-called “egg-shaped sleeping bags” from other manufacturers.

Disadvantage is the high air volume inside, which must be warmed up in the evening. Advantage as mentioned is the sleeping and rolling comfort. On Iceland we still had small hot-water bottles with us, you can get them in every drugstore in the baby department – in the evening quickly filled with hot water, every sleeping bag quickly becomes cuddly warm.

Wolfgang is a quiet sleeper (and non-snorer, very worth mentioning :-)) and has therefore chosen a normal mummy sleeping bag from Deuter.


Last year we exchanged our comfortable gas stove for a Primus OmniFuel II gasoline stove: we will always have gasoline at hand on the trip. The handling with the preheating requires a little practice, but meanwhile it works quite well.

The disadvantage, however, is that cooking in the tent in the rain is no longer possible – jet flames and sparks are the order of the day.

To all those who claim that you can only eat pasta with sauce with such stoves, I dedicate the following picture: Apple pie made with the Primus: the first try turned slightly dark, but super delicious and was eaten within minutes.

I got the recipe from here:


For the Pyrenees vacation 2016 we have invested in tableware: completely foldable – the X-Series from Sea to Summit: X-Bowl, X-Mug and X-Plate.

We are very satisfied – handling, space requirements, color … – everything fits.

Plus the durable Spork, our regular companion when camping for a long time.

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