View on the Black Sea

We have arrived at the Black Sea.
The way from Hungary to here was quicker than expected, but not of the good kind quick.
We had our eyes on the weather forecast – and after almost the whole Balkan was under low pressure for the following week, we hurried a little to get through. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our visit to Sarajevo, which was shortened to one evening.

Sarajevo – ein Pub namens Tesla

Bosnia impressed us very much: Already just over the border many ruins from the war and many, huge cemeteries. The war has been over for more than two decades and yet it shapes both the region and our own imagination when we hear the word Bosnia. But Sarajevo itself is a relaxed and lively city, there are many coffee stores and a lot of art in the city center.

Sarajevo – Innenstadt

Our way leads us further south, through Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia to Bulgaria. In each of these countries we could have spent days and weeks, but the cold and the threatening rain let us look for a quick way to the Black Sea.

Mehmet Pasha Sokolovic Brücke bei Visegrad

Nevertheless, some of our accommodations are worth mentioning: in a winery in Macedonia, overlooking a beautiful lake just over the border in Bulgaria, in a medieval castle the night after. The low price level of Eastern Europe makes these nights cheaper than in any hotel in the Alps or at the German Baltic Sea.

Kaloyanova Fortress
Batak Reservoir

Here at the Black Sea in Nessebar we enjoyed 4 days of rest. After the travel preparations in Germany and the dissolution of the apartment we had the vacation also urgently needed. We read, surf the internet, drink coffee and enjoy the sea view.

Nothing is going on. Even if you walk for several hours, there is no open café in the neighborhood. You can see the preparations for the coming summer season, there is a lot of building going on, a lot of repairs, but there are still hardly any visitors on the way.

Yesterday we finally managed to get up and visit the old town of Nessebar. After all, there were two open cafés between the many already open souvenir stores. We enjoyed cappucino and great pistachio ice cream.

What remains: The realization of how important rest breaks are to us, the memory of the great lake view – and we realized how practical it is to have an accommodation with a washing machine. 🙂

Tomorrow we will continue towards Odessa. Unfortunately the weather forecast is rather bad.

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