We take a (Corona-) break

Our app shows that we started our world trip exactly four hundred days ago today. However, our life could hardly feel less adventurous.

Exactly one month ago we arrived back here in Erding after five days of return journey. Five days that felt more like escape than a relaxed trip. But Spain was particularly hard hit by the corona virus at that time and had closed hotels and camping sites and banned all short-term rentals. With our AirBnB apartment, which we had already rented before the ban, we were therefore in a grey area that we did not want to exhaust. So we decided to sit out the worst time back in Germany.

And so we are back in Erding, waiting for the motorcycles, cooking, drinking red wine and enjoying nature. Unlike in Spain, fortunately there is no complete curfew here. But we would rather be on the road with the motorcycles than waiting here. But it doesn’t help anything, we should rather be happy that we are doing well and that there are no cases of illness even in our close family and circle of friends.

And so we forge plans on how our world tour can continue once the border openings around us are lifted.

Stay healthy!!

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