Thailand & Laos 2015

We want to go far away.

Unfortunately, motorcycle rentals abroad are quite expensive, Latin America even more so than Asia. In the end we found the perfect provider: Kay and Noah offer among other things a guided 10-day tour through Thailand and Laos. We can only recommend it from the bottom of our hearts!

The tour starts in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai. Already the 2nd night we spend in Laos – after Kay had quickly completed the border formalities due to his experience and good preparation.

The first view of Laos right behind the Genze. We see these cargo bikes frequently now.

We spend the night in Pak Beng. A poor village at the Mekong. But the hotel prices are on European standard. Later the electricity fails. This happens to us even more often on the journey. But the evening sun over the Mekong compensates for a lot.

Laos impressed us very much. A poor, communist country.

We drive past various markets, many stalls on the side of the road, always selling the same thing. Either all the stalls have oranges or tomatoes or something else, but you can only get one product per market.

Especially the children in Laos we found fascinating.  Since there are mainly small mopeds and bicycles there, we were an attraction with our BigBikes (Versys 650s). The kids waved to us from the side of the road and ran with us. We had balloons with us – some of the kids didn’t even know what to do with them. But they learned quickly.

We also visited Luang Prabang – a UNESCO protected royal city with many temples, markets and attractions. And yes, the food was as delicious as it looks on the photo below.

We were on the road in November and during the day it was just hot. Well over 30 degrees were not uncommon. We could only envy the water buffalos at the roadside. We had coffee and water breaks all the time.

to be continued …

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