We have actually started

It is day 6 of our trip, Friday, we are sitting in a comfortable apartment at Lake Balaton, at the Hungarian Lake Balaton. Air conditioning, refrigerator, coffee machine. Still not at all like we imagine a world trip. But it is cold outside and the last weeks were quite exhausting, so we booked 3 nights here and try to get some rest.

Yesterday during the walk the rest was pretty good – in the two hours we met a maximum of four people. The end of March is simply out of season here. Nothing going on. Perfect for us.

We also have a lot to digest.

The farewell in Erding was incredible. What our friends there put on the legs, knocked our socks off. A real farewell party in front of the Bowling Castle. There were over 50 people and almost 30 motorcycles – we were really amazed at who wanted to celebrate the start with us and say goodbye to us. Here the video (Thanks, Ina!):

We drove to Passau on the first day and stayed overnight with Wolfgang’s sister. In the evening we had Bavarian delicacies – we thought about what food we could expect on the trip and whether there were limits to what we would try.

Day two went until shortly before Vienna. Slowly butt and wrists get used to driving again. In Vienna we visited the easternmost residence of a MünchenBiker – we were allowed to spread out our sleeping bags at Peter and Andrea’s place and were served great food. Also the Austrian red wine was tested extensively and found to be good. The pants are already tightening, maybe we should be a bit more careful with the good food. But it is so freezing cold during the day, between 3 and 7 degrees, that a coffee and warm-up stop every two hours is almost obligatory.

Behind Vienna it really goes into the unknown. It is a short day, but neither of us have ever been to Bratislava. We booked a double room in a centrally located hostel with underground parking. When we realize how chic and hip Bratislava is, we try to extend by one night; unfortunately only dormitories are free – and separated from each other and with seven other people we don’t want to spend the night, so we drive on.

The journey begins to be fun. Through Hungary the streets are small and winding, the sun is shining. The mood is rising.

Also the communication with the new headsets from Sena works well from the beginning. “Can you believe that we’re actually on a trip around the world?” becomes a winged word.

Now we are sitting at Lake Balaton, reading, sleeping, drinking coffee, checking the bike and equipment again.

When saying goodbye at the Bowling Castle in Erding we were asked if we knew anything we had forgotten.

So far nothing. 🙂

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