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Stefan and Fou started their motorcycle world tour in 2014. Meanwhile Stefan is back in Germany from his 2-year world tour.
On his site he publishes a lot of tricks and tips for travelling.

Bea and Helle were on the road for 5 years and have created a very detailed website with a lot of information. If you want to see them live you can find the current dates on the site.

Martin is a gifted photographer. And provides a lot of information about his journey and especially about photography.

Simon and Panny are also back from their trip, but will soon be back on tour for 1 year. Their books and lectures are brilliant. On their website they share their travel experiences and provide a lot of information about the countries they visited.

Suzie and Kelvin, are a couple from Bristol, U.K. and with 2 DR 650 SE (Great motorcycles. Too bad that they are not sold in Germany for a long time) On the road in South America. They have many interesting links and great photos on their site.

Tom used to ride a CCM 450 together with Lobke and is now alone in South America on a Honda CRF 250 L (which will probably be our world tour motorcycle). His new journey starts in October 2017 and the end is open.

Matthew and Mega, a couple from South Africa, have been driving 2 BMW F 800 GS for over 3 years. They have a very detailed website and collect money for Doctors Without Borders with their trip. A visit is worthwhile in all cases.

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