Motorcycles FOR the trip

Daniela und Wolfgang

Phew. The decision was not easy.

After a lot of back and forth – Honda or BMW – 250 cubic or more … we have finally made one of the most important decisions for our great journey: we are driving two BMW G650 GS Sertaos.

The main criteria were: comfort, handling, equipment options, weight and driving pleasure. In terms of weight, the Honda CRF 250 would have won, but we would probably have overloaded it for our 12-plus-x-month trip, plus we will probably be riding very bad roads but little real off-road, so the desire for comfort won out and we bought the second Sertao yesterday. We had already bought the first one in November.

Also Finn, our curious workshop cat, has already sniffed the newcomer extensively and found it good.


Since the November machine is already lowered, the newcomer is not – and both are otherwise well maintained, I will now use the November machine and Wolfgang the newcomer (maybe we should get names for the bikes, then I can get by with fewer words :-)).

Now the conversions and extensions can begin:

  • other exhaust (Wolfgang’s newcomer already has a Leo Vince on one side, mine will get a new one)
  • other springs
  • Crash bar, possibly other motor protection
  • larger tank (from the old F650 GS)
  • probably different handlebars
  • Front fender
  • a chain lubrication system (but it is still unclear which one)
  • foldable mirrors and levers
  • Gear indicator (yes, not one of the necessary things, but still pleasant)
  • case carriers and cases,
  • navigation systems
  • and let’s see how many bags still have to be put on the bikes for tent and camping equipment.

Over the Easter holidays a tour with the Munich bikers is planned, the roughest work should be finished by then. Actually it’s a shame that we’re going on vacation before that …

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