Decision for KLIM-Suits pays off

Torn motorcycle suit after accident

Shortly before the start of our trip around the world we bought new motorcycle suits. The choice was not easy: we had already tested a lot of things, talked to many people, researched experience reports on the Internet, etc. And in the end we made a choice that we are still enthusiastic about now.

And we have decided on station wagons from KLIM. I wear the ladies’ version Artemis, Wolfgang the clearly more massive Badlands Pro. The suits fit very well, the protectors fit exactly, numerous ventilation openings let cool air through even in summer temperatures.

But what has proven to be particularly practical for us is the 5-year guarantee on accidental damage from KLIM. We had an accident in Mongolia last October, in which we, our motorcycles and our luggage bags, but also our station wagons were damaged. But the whole thing went off without a hitch, because the protectors cushioned most of it well. Both station wagons had holes on knees, elbows and in front of the chest. So there was no trace of waterproofness anymore.

But now KLIM replaces the suits under certain conditions if they are damaged by an accident within five years of new purchase. The discussion with the customer service in the USA required a little patience and stamina, but in the end everything went well.

And so we will continue our journey on the weekend in brand new KLIM suits. But what exactly is planned is another story.

DISCLAIMER: wir haben unsere Motorradkleidung selbst bezahlt, werden weder von KLIM gesponsort noch haben wir sonstige Vorteile von dieser Empfehlung. Wir geben nur unsere guten Erfahrungen weiter.

Motorcycle gloves after accident

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