Georgia. Strong difference between rich and poor.

We have been in Georgia for some time now and it is time for a short interim conclusion.

So far we have seen Batumi on the Black Sea and the capital Tbilisi. We have also been to the mountain villages of Svanetien, but since we are going to the mountains again tomorrow, I will put the topic “beautiful nature” back for the time being.

Auf der Friedensbrücke in Tbilisi

Already in Batumi, the difference between the newly built chic hotel buildings and the old Soviet panel buildings was clearly visible. If you leave the area of the “Boulevard”, which lines the beach for almost 11 kilometers, and go to the second and third row of buildings, the difference becomes very clear.

Strandpromenade Batumi

And in Tbilisi, too, one can see strong differences between the buildings that were repaired after the big earthquake in 2002 – and those that were not. More than once we stood in front of houses where we were surprised that anyone dares to live in them. And on the other hand, I saw a Bitcoin ATM in Tbilisi for the first time in my life.

Ja, hier wohnen Menschen. In der Altstadt von Tbilisi.
Ja. Auch hier wohnt noch jemand. Altstadt von Tbilisi.

Very exciting. It is to be hoped that as tourism increases and the Georgians’ pride in regional products (such as the fantastic Georgian wine), the percentage of people who benefit from it will also increase.


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